DECENT eNews, a subsidiary of Decent Group International Pty Ltd (an Australian owned conglomerate), also referred to as ‘our’ ‘we’ or ‘us’ issues these terms of use for the purpose of guidance as to how this online platform must be used. Thus, this serves as the terms of use for users of DECENT eNews platform. The term ‘members’ refers to individuals who use the DECENT eNews website for any reason.

The content herein will be regarded to imply; any form of web and graphic design, music, articles, creative write-ups, images, text, data and any other variants of content as deemed fit by DECENT eNews or Decent Group International. The contents range from education to sports, entertainment, business, politics, health and technology. The contents shall be regarded as the property of Decent Group International Pty Ltd with the recognition of the writer’s copyright. The right to this content by Decent Group International Pty Ltd and affiliate writers are given judicial and legislative force by relevant copyright, patent, trademark, service marks laws and every other law within this jurisdiction.

The content, available on our platform, will be copyrighted as a compilation or as a collective work. Decent Group International Pty Ltd shall reserve the rights to every name, logo, trademarks and any other relatable digital property, which is associated with the identity and identification of DECENT eNews and Decent Group International Pty Ltd. No work belonging to the Decent Group International Pty Ltd may be used (either partly or wholly) without being granted appropriate permission from DECENT eNews or Decent Group International. No part is to be used for commercial purposes without being issued written permission to commercialise such content. We are, therefore, entitled to damages and other equitable remedies in an instance where our content is being commercialised without written permission by us.

The available content on this platform is readily available for education and other non-commercial purposes. For commercial endeavours, the activities will be subjected to legal specifications and provisions. In an instance that written permission is granted to use any content available on this platform, citations must include the author’s name and the URL (www.decentenews.com). A failure to follow this procedure will deprive you of the right to copy, reproduce, hyperlink, upload, publish, distribute or post any of our content. We prohibit any form of reediting or modification of any of our content available on our platform. Any attempt to use any of the content on a networked computer environment will be perceived as an infringement, and you may be liable for damages or any other equitable remedies.

1. Using DECENT eNews Online Service

DECENT eNews in its online platform will render online services, which include the provision of quality write-ups, articles, short stories, and others as stated above. The following terms of use will manage the use of the content available on the platform. By continuing to browse or visit this website, it will be presumed that you have agreed by these terms of use and accept responsibility for your actions. You might have to check this page on a periodically keep abreast with updates of terms and agreement of use. However, in an instance where you do not agree with the terms of use or any subsequent updates and amendments as issued by us, you must discontinue using this service.

2. Contribution of Content

For every piece of content (as expatiated above) you contribute to our online platform, you shall be responsible and liable likewise. Content submitted for publishing on DECENT eNews Platform grants us non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to your content, which, by implication, further grants us the right to your content in any way we deem fit and in any media platform, although you still retain the right to further delete, share or perhaps commercialise your content as you deem fit.

You owe us the duty and responsibility to confirm that you have the right to use any copyrighted materials in your content or that you have the permission of any person or name appearing in your content. You are also duty bound to confirm that you are not engaged in any infringement of another’s right (no matter how little) by submitting your content for publishing to DECENT eNews. For anyone featured in your content younger than the legal age of assent, you are required to seek the permission of his/her parent/guardian before including such in your content.

You must endeavour to keep a copy of your content as DECENT eNews might not archive, back-up or store your content or continue to make your content available to visitors on our website. We also recognise our duty to provide you with appropriate credit when your content is being used on DECENT eNews, but for any unforeseen circumstances beyond our capacity, we shall be excused.

3. DECENT eNews Online Community

We encourage members of our online community to be objective and to debate constructively as a way of communicating diverse opinions. We expect every member to conduct themselves in a way that shows respect and courtesy as they relate to other members. This high standard of decorum and courtesy should be exhibited and maintained by members while on the DECENT eNews online platform.

You are to recognise and be subjected to our unrestricted editorial supervision and authority over all part of our online service. The DECENT eNews or Decent Group International Pty Ltd may re-edit, excuse or delete or refuse to air your contribution for legal, operational or editorial reasons, or any other reasons as decided by us. Ordinarily, contributions considered to be misleading, defamatory, harassing, cyberbullying, discriminatory, contemptuous, infringing on copyright or intellectual property, abusive or generally inappropriate will not be published.

We might refuse to publish a contribution, which exhibits traits of being over domineering in objective discussions or debates in the comment section or any other aspect of the platform. This includes contributions that are considered compromising to another’s privacy or seeking to endorse a commercial service or product or seeking to directly solicit donations or provoke another member on the platform.

Impersonation is not allowed. Impersonating a suspended person is also not allowed. We reserve the right to block your account if you are guilty of any or all of these actions, or any by act regarded as illegal by editorial discretion.

Users are encouraged to report inappropriate actions by other users so that appropriate actions can be taken. Decent Group International Pty Ltd requests members of this online platform to exercise a great deal of understanding of the privacy setting for our site and to protect their personal details on their platform.

4. Using DECENT eNews Content

Decent Group International Pty Ltd or DECENT eNews reserves the intellectual property right to our system and software (available on our platform) whether licensed to us or owned by us. Also, rights to our designs, logo, name, image trademark, copyright and any other form of the identity of DECENT eNews remains the property of Decent Group International, DECENT eNews or its licensors.

The available content on our platform is for your personal consumption and non-commercial uses. You may share the content on other platforms freely in a way that it can be traced back to our platform as the source of the content. In the absence of written permission(s) from us, reproduction, modification, adaptation, translation, reverse engineering, republishing or disassembling of DECENT eNews content, would be regarded as an infringement on copyright and thereby pronounced illegal. Using our content to imply that we endorsed when in fact we did not endorse it is prohibited.

5. Protection for Children

By “children” we mean “minors” or persons below the age recognised as an adult by Australian law. An online protection policy has been put in place for children as a “shared responsibility” between the Decent Group International Pty Ltd, guardians/parents and the children themselves. Our online protection for children is to ensure that minors do not expose themselves to risk unknowingly and to minimise the exposing them to risk since they are legally incapacitated.

6. Privacy

Any personal information or data generated or received by members of the Decent Group International Pty Ltd either while registering or browsing on our online platform will be kept, treated or shared in accordance with the DECENT eNews’ Privacy Policy. We recommend that you see our privacy policy to fully understand our policy as it relates to privacy. The privacy policy is incorporated in full, and we reference it for your consultation and adopted as belonging to this section.

7. Disclaimer

We do not assure you in any way that available content on our website will suit your purpose or standard, neither do we assure you that you will have an uninterrupted, secure or error-free content while visiting or browsing through our website. Based on reliability, accuracy, completeness and validity, we would not be liable if we fall short by your standard. We are also free from any responsibility for problems that may ensue from downloading content from our site as it is purely at your own risk. We will not be liable for any damage done to your computer system from such a download.

DECENT eNews and Decent Group International Pty Ltd does not grant its endorsement on contributions made in the comment section and other aspects that gives room for member participation. Third party site members and their contributions are also devoid of any form of endorsement from us. We detach ourselves from the responsibility or liability that might ensue from an external site or a hosting site for any of our services.

DECENT eNews online products and contents are usually provided on an “as is” and “as available” setting. There is a legal presumption that you browse through or visit DECENT eNews at your own discretion and risk and that you assume responsibility for any injury or damage suffered or loss incurred. To a reasonable extent permitted by the law, we will be free from all liabilities and responsibilities but will exercise nothing below the standard expected as regards to our content.

8. Liability Limitation

By visiting or browsing through our website, it is taken that you have recognised and agreed that DECENT eNews and Decent Group International Pty Ltd would not be liable (in any reasonable way) under any instance of negligence, loss or damage, actual, special, loss or profit or any other arising issues even when recommendations have been made to us about looming loss or damage. By using our website, there is a presumption under the law that you have waived your right to claim any damages for any loss that ensued from using or inability to use our website. In an instance where you are not satisfied with our site, content or any aspect of our website, the only solution is to discontinue visiting our website.


This agreement will serve as the terms and conditions and is not subjected to modification except by Decent Group International Pty Ltd. You might get suspended or blocked if you breach these terms of use.

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