Privacy Policy

DECENT eNews otherwise referred to as “we” “us” or “our” in this policy is interested in the adequate and effective protection of your privacy while interacting with us. Our products, contents, and services are bound by the dictates of the Australian Privacy Act 1988, and we also recognise the EU General Data Protection Regulations to cater for our visitors from the EU.

The aim of this policy

This privacy policy gives a detailed explanation and provides transparency of our information handling practices as it explains how we generate, process, and divulge personal information about you or the use of content, products, and services. This privacy policy is for the benefit of any user of our services from all parts of the world.

It is important to note that this policy does not cover information gathered from somewhere else, which include offline and on sites that are linked to our products and services which we do not have control over.

1. What information do we collect?

Through a visit to our website, we automatically generate certain personal information about you via your device, including information about your web browser, IP address, time zone, and some of the cookies that are inherent in your device. Additionally, as you browse the website, we generate information about the specific web pages or digital products that you viewed, what websites or search terms brought you to the site, and information about how you interact with the site. “Device Information” is the term used to classify information that is automatically generated from your device without your prior notice.

1.1 Personal information

By personal information, this privacy policy refers to (but is not restricted to) names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and location. However, our site will not obtain personal information about our visitors without their consent. While opting to use our services and products, we may also obtain your IP address, user ID, and a password which are personal information of the visitor and can be used to identify the visitor if combined with other information of identification. If you register as a user of DECENT eNews, you will provide requisite information to us as part of your registration.

1.2 Information we collect automatically

We may log information when you opt to use our services. Such information may include your device’s IP address, browser type, user-agent string, OS, referral URLs, device identification, pages browsed, links clicked, the requested URL, hardware settings and search terms.

We also collect information from cookies and similar technologies. This type of information is a piece of data stored on your browser and sent back to us when the request is being made. Information obtained from cookies is used to provide a better experience to users, personalise content and ads, understand user activities, and ensure that we give you nothing short of quality service.

We may receive and process information which pertains to your location. We may be privy to information from you when you agree to share such on our service. This includes associating your content with a location or your approximate location.

2. When we collect information about You

Instances when DECENT eNews collects information about you include:

2.1 When provided to us

When registering as a user of DECENT eNews, you will be required to provide some information to us to commence registration. For instance, when you set up an account or comment, you might be mandated to provide a user ID, password, name, email address, telephone number or any other personal information otherwise stipulated by the website. We may also obtain information from you when you contact us via email, telephone, postal mail, social media interaction or any other medium of communication which entails identification and personal information.

2.2 Through other sources

We might have access to information about you and your online behaviour from other sources. This includes other users and third parties likewise, and we reserve the right to combine that information with the previously obtained personal information. For instance, third parties provide us with demographic or interest information about you, this includes advertisers and combine it with our data by using an account identifier such as a hash of an email address or a mobile device ID.

In case you permit or link other services, that is; a website or a third-party app, in order to access your DECENT eNews profile, we might obtain certain information about your use of that service. Linking services may cause other services to send us essential information about your account with such a service.

2.3 Via social media integration

If you decide to use social media networking services in connection with our website, we would receive some information about you, including (but not limited to) log and data usage analysis. We reserve the right to integrate the data from cookies generated from third-party websites with our services. In a case whereby you visit a website that uses DECENT eNews embeds, it is possible that we will receive information about the web page you visited. Your decision to connect with DECENT eNews via social media services is solely your decision, and no section of our services and products require you to connect via the third-party social media.

2.4 Collected concerning your use of digital services and cookies

Some information is obtained from the use of digital products and services embedded in our website. This is to serve you better as it would help us improve your experience and digital service. DECENT eNews makes use of technologies like cookies, local storage and web beacons as a fragment of its digital services. When you visit our website on any other devices which include (but are not restricted to); Apple TV, PlayStation, these services might make our services more convenient for use as well as making us relevant by providing a bespoke user-experience.

Please note, if you do not want cookies, code and other digital products stored on your computer; you will be able to change the settings on your computer and via your browser. It is also important to note that changing and/or disabling these options may limit the features available at your disposal for use on our platforms and in some cases certain functions might not work properly.

3. How information about you is used

The fundamental reason for collecting your personal information is to provide quality service aimed at improving user-experience on our platform. Other reasons why we obtain, retain and divulge your personal information include:

3.1 Processing request for services

The data in our possession is sometimes used to process your request for content and other requests duly made. For instance, the process of viewing a piece of writing on DECENT eNews would necessitate us to convert your data to suit your requests. The common data required in the instance mentioned above includes; name, email address, and telephone number. We may also make use of the provided email address to identify you through confirming or delivering the publication you ordered. This information in our database is used to inform you of our various products and qualitative services and to partner our product according to your needs. For instance, if you subscribe to DECENT eNews, we can use your email address to send you a notification of new publications. We also have your information in order to grant you access to certain protected areas of our platforms.

3.2 Delivery of qualitative service

Your data is used to deliver qualitative services to you. Collectively, gathering broad demographic information would be useful to analyse trends, seek advertisers with aligned interests, pitch for sponsors, attract clients, entice customers and track the activities of users around the website and our digital services.

We might allow access to our database by third-party providers that provide us with services that may include (but are not limited to) technical support, and digital access rebranding, but only if the services or purpose is deemed necessary. Furthermore, we constantly seek ways of limiting the information that is accessed by third-party providers by solving most technical issues in-house.

3.3 Marketing purposes

DECENT eNews may use your data for purely marketing purposes where email address and names of certain companies are selected for direct mailing marketing activities, but these activities are only for users and organisations who have clearly shown their intention to hear from us. We do not provide our database to any organisations for email or any other form of digital marketing medium.

These communications may be sent via various digital means of communications, including (but not limited to) SMS or email, in accordance with appropriate marketing laws in this respect, for instance; The Spam Act promulgated in 2004. By indicating means of communication, we will ensure we use the preferred method whenever it is practically possible to do so.

3.4 Legal requirement

Information obtained from you is used to screen for inherent risk and fraud especially in relation to IP addresses and to move the site a notch higher. For instance; via obtaining analytics about how you browse and your online interaction with the website. We also act in compliance and as required or permitted by any law (including the Privacy Act and Australian Privacy Principle). We may disclose your information for the sake of public interest.

We are likely to divulge your information if the court of law orders so or as required by the law to be our legal obligations. If in a bid to investigate, avoid or commence actions considered illegal by the law, if in case of illegality or fraudulent activities, DECENT eNews’ management would oblige such orders and comply with the appropriate authority’s directives. This is in a bid to abide by the dictates of the terms and conditions as well as other agreements or policies.

4. If we are unable to obtain your information

In a situation where it is impossible to obtain your essential personal information the following may occur.

4.1 Unavailability of our digital services and products

In the event that we are unable to access your personal information, providing services to you might prove abortive, whether in quality or generality. In an instance when you demand to open a profile/account with us but fail to provide the requisite information, you will be deprived of access and digital products which is usually open to members only.

4.2 Denial of special offers and products

We may be unable to provide information about products and services to you as ordered, including valuable data about special offers on services and digital products if you decide to withhold information, which are prerequisites to accessing such special offers and digital products. We may also be incapacitated as to redirect the content of our websites to your desired needs, and your experience on our platforms may not suit your purpose.

5. How information about you is shared

In the course of dealing with you and keeping your data safe from external parties, we may reveal your information to certain bodies who, more often than not, are associates or affiliates of DECENT eNews.

5.1 In-House individuals

More constructively, your data might be shared among our employees, some related corporate entities, our partners, joint venture bodies, contractors or in-house service providers for research and development into itch-free operations of our websites or our business dealings with you. Also, our web hosting providers may be privy to your information. IT systems administrators are sometimes granted access and the mailing houses also. Some of our newsagents have access (though restricted), the data entry service section, electronic service administrators and professional advisers which includes (but are not restricted to) solicitors, accountant, business advisers, consultants and other people who work for the organisation.

5.2 External parties

Relevant external authorities such as the Police, law enforcement body, your Internet Service Provider or network administrator would be able to retrieve your information with us if illegal activities are suspected or to aid investigations. Also, any third party authorised by you would be able to retrieve your information with us.

6. Information security

Your personal information on our database will be stored on our server. We will secure your data by safeguarding and protecting the servers and the information stored therein. To achieve a high level of security, we apply a combination of physical, technical and administrative safeguards. Also, we frequently update and test our security technology. We limit unnecessary access to your data to our employees who might need the information. We also ensure that our employers sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement and maintain the highest form of privacy and security of your information.

7. Complaining about a privacy breach

In the case of a breach or suspected breach to privacy, if clarifications are needed or if there are any security concerns about our privacy policy, please endeavour to contact our privacy officer by using the contact information below and provide appropriate information of the occurrence for proper investigation.

At DECENT eNews, we have an official process in place to tackle issues related to a breach of privacy. Our officer in charge of privacy breach complaints commences an investigation once such a breach is communicated either orally or by writing. The officer also tackles such challenges to the root cause and mandates the tightening of our security measures. While the investigation is on-going, our privacy officer may need certain clarification, which may require contacting you. In such instances, we ask that you assist and provide us with further information as required. We will also communicate the result of the breach investigation and make a recommendation to avoid a reoccurrence of this in future. We are swift and time conscious in our investigations.

8. No liability for breach

We cannot guarantee the absolute security of your data in the event of a system compromise, but efforts, using advanced technology would be applied. Thus, by using our website, it is presumed that you have accepted to bear all risk accruing from entrusting your information with us and those generated by merely visiting or using our site and digital products. We are freed from any responsibility or liability that might ensure a result of the loss of such information.

Also in a situation whereby you decide to keep or reveal personal information about you on our site where other persons can see and have unrestricted access to, we will be freed from any responsibility or consequential liabilities for the loss of such information. In an instance where you lost your device (be it a computer, mobile phone or any other devices), we will not be liable, neither will we take responsibility for the loss of information through this means. In as much as we will exercise the highest form of confidentiality expected of us, we shall not be liable for any breach of privacy.

9. Changes to our privacy policy

Any resolve to either change or modify (partly or wholly) this policy would be communicated accordingly. Also, any updated versions of the current policy will be posted on our site. We beseech you to always read through the policy anytime you intend to use our platform as it is subject to modification at any time. This privacy policy was last updated December 2018.

If any of the terms contained in this privacy policy is not convenient or you do not agree (partly or in whole), you must immediately exit this website, digital products and services.

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